The Life Antarctic, By David Huang

In this series of five videos, David Huang – a research assistant at Palmer Station – presents his memorable films from the season that I was there.

The first video, Finding Antarctica: October 2005, depicts the voyage that he, I, and others made aboard the Laurence M. Gould from Punta Arenas, Chile to Palmer Station.

The second video, The First Time I Saw Palmer Station: Antarctica, 2005, at 3:04, conveys David’s initial impressions of Palmer Station, where the winter staff greets the Gould on Palmer Station’s docks as we arrived in late October 2005.

The third video, Swimming Orca, Rubber Duke, at 4:17, contains remarkable footage of a pod of killer whales that cruised through the waters around Palmer Station on a still, warm, and crystal-clear November Day. At one point, the killer whales check out two crabeater seals on an ice floe, with one of the whales projecting its head out of the water, an act known as “spyhopping.”

The fourth video, 40 Horses and a Seal, at 7:43, captures the scene as an elephant seal slithers into a Zodiac before being chased away by a Palmer staffer.

And the fifth video, Fifty Something Days in Less Than 5 Minutes: Antarctica: 2005, at 8:08, is a collage of some of David’s best footage from Palmer Station. I am deeply grateful to David, who worked as a research assistant at Palmer Station, for giving me permission to post these videos on this Web site.

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